A Hobo Tale by TexHobart

Flintstone Kids – The latest generation of hobos. More likely to have orange hair, skateboards, and fleece than scraggly beards and long wool coats. Also known as the nose ring nation.


  1. Here & Gone
    Matt Rivers

  2. Polly Ann (Live on KPVL)
    Old-Time Roy Pilgrim

  3. Never Go Home
    Gentlemen Jim

  4. The Lakes Of Pontchartrain
    The Be Good Tanyas

  5. Here I Go Again
    Cooper McBean

  6. Forgot My Name
    Barefoot Surrender

  7. Walk On Boy
    The Devil Makes Three

  8. Little Ole Wine Drinker
    Oakland Wine Drinkers Union

  9. I Had to Get Back East
    David Dondero

  10. 8th and Main
    Pete Bernhard

  11. San Diego Serenade
    Tom Waits

  12. Evening Sun
    Old Crow Medicine Show

  13. Round and Round
    Stalebread Scotty and his Gang

  14. Charlie's Last Song
    Loudon Wainwright III

  15. We All Come To The Same Place
    Rhubarb Whiskey

  16. Hobo
    Hackensaw Boys

  17. Dusty boxcar wall
    Eilen Jewell

  18. The Bucket Tramp
    Brody Douglas Hunt

  19. Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor
    Gillian Welch

  20. I Remember Loving You
    Tom Paxton

  21. Cold Water
    Railroad Earth

  22. Temporary Hobo Bard
    Texas Hobart

  23. You May Leave
    Drunken Catfish Ramblers